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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

I would stay after shift to eat breakfast and drink with my agents. On Saturday nights, we would party in Greenbelt Makati. If my boyfriend asked me to meet him for dinner before shift, it was a go. But that was five years ago. Now my workplace is just a few minutes away from my place. Still, I always hurriedly go back home. On Saturday nights, I prefer staying at home with my kid and just read books or draw. You can never ask me to have dinner out before shift. This is me now. A lot of changes have happened.
I remember accidentally seeing my college super crush in an elevator three years ago. He wasn’t as good looking as I had imagined all those years.
Two years ago, an agent approached me and said that he used to be an agent with Teletech for three years. He quit and moved to our call center as an agent. He said he wasn’t promoted as a team leader that’s why he left Teletech. I asked him, “Is that what you want? Be a team leader?” He said “yes.” After a year, I noticed he was always sleeping during work hours and has tardy logins. To be a team leader huh.
Seven years ago, call centers were not yet a widely known business. There were only four companies available to choose from, as far as I can remember - Sykes, Etelecare, People Support and Infonxx. Neighbors would start to gossip where I am heading to every night and coming home early mornings. Now I have applicants ranging from previous Jollibee crew, 1st year college undergrad to 20 years experienced accountant and former engineers aspiring to be a call center agent.



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Wow... random thoughts nga .. :D


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