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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Quest: Search for a Mentor

The other day, it was discussed to us the difference between a mentor and a coach... and it just hit me... I never really had a mentor in my life. A mentor cannot be your immediate boss. A mentor is someone who can help you get to the next level. Someone like two or three steps higher than you. Lastly, it has to be official. You cannot just walk to a person and tell him,
"hey I want you to be my mentor" because he may not be qualified to be your mentor.

A few years back, when I was just starting out as a supervisor, there was this one mentor. He left the company. The end of the story. Since then, I never found anyone to mentor me nor has the initiative to do so.

Why am I writing this? Because I really need a mentor right now. I know that I don't know what I don't know. And I can feel the potential inside me waiting to be unleashed.


At 11:53 PM, Blogger monsanto said...

experience is the best mentor. If you look up to someone and by chance he/she influenced you and made you a better person then you can say unofficially you have a mentor.

Starting alone in the komiks industry with no official mentor is really rough especially during the 90's. My mentors would be the editors who rejects my work and told me all the things I did wrong. My fellow artists also served as my mentors. Exchanging techniques as we try to finish pages before the deadlines.

Sometimes, a mentor will just come along and picks you. So just wait til someone gives you advices. Just do what you do, potentials only remains potentials if they kept thinking they are not ready yet. You are ready now, own that. Make your move and evolve.

good luck :)


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