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Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sorry for the black and white comic strip below. Coloring a strip takes a lot of time. I also didn't put some grey tones which in return looks very raw. Anyway, that strip below happened in real life... few years ago in the Allied Bank Building, Ayala.
Do you read Doreamon comics? You should start! It's really very funny. I get them in Booksale outlets. The past week I have finished Murakami's Dance dance dance and it is very entertaining.Also had breakfast in Hotel Vivere. Again, it is still worth it. I should go back soon. I really should start working once again on Callwork... Inertia at rest, be in motion!!! Btw, Thomas the train toy is so cool. You should also try one!
I installed Photoshop CS3 and I can't get it working... crack file is being denied :(

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