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Monday, May 18, 2009

Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009

I didn't expect the Summer Komikon to be crowded. It may not be as crowded as the November Komikon but I was surprised there are a lot of people including students having money to spend during the summer vacation. I initially brought 60 copies of Callwork: A Call Center Life. Good thing Oliver added 15 more Callwork books for me to sell. Sold 61 copies and packed up around 7 pm. Good sales considering it's the 2nd time around for the book in Komikon.
Me, Andrew Villar and his son, Stong Franco, Greco Milambiling and Freely Abrigo was at the SKP table. Then came Jockey, who was good at selling, who helped out with the SKP table. Also met the new SKP member who went all the way from Bicol. Norman Isaac also showed up during the event. Met my DeviantArt and blogger friends for the first time: Pilar Esber, Izketz, Wan, Omi, Borgy, Offshore241, Aaronturon, Ian Walter Along, John Becaro, Mukatmanako, Myke and Robin, Jonas Diego, Lyndon Gregorio, KC Cordero, Nerp, Subway Production, M3 group and Gerry A. Then drunken Julius Villanueva arrived and helped with the booth. Thanks Borgy for the sketch card! One indie that caught my attention is "The girl who turned into a fish". Very nicely done. Kudos to the artist. Also pushing Pilar to do more Yaoi comics. Lolz. Thanks also to Ariel Atienza and the Artist Den pips, Micheal David, Joanah Tinio, Syeri Baet, Manix Abrera, and most of all special thanks to the people who came from the following call centers: Etelecare, Convergys, Alorica, JP Morgan, Teleperformance and former call center agents.
Mga siga na SKP members:
Table namin:
KC and Nerp:

Again, thanks to all who supported Callwork. Next Komikon this October in Megamall and Manila Comicon this August also in Megamall!

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At 9:38 AM, Blogger Myke and Christine Guisinga said...

Hi Hazel!

Atlast for almost 3year or more nagkita na din tayo (and come to think mag ka College tayo huh?). Thanks for the cutie iskets..tuwang tuwa si robin dun.

Hope to see you again.


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Alex said...

Megamall naman..hehehe

At 11:07 PM, Blogger kc cordero said...

nice meeting you, hazel. ang tangkad, nagmukha akong duwende, ha-ha!


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