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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heard of Enlighten Bricks?

I started playing LEGO when me and my sister inherited 1970's sets from our cousin. Since then, we continued to buy until the 1980s model. Just recently, I was able to discover a brand named Enlighten. Surprisingly, it is at par with Lego..with quality detailed bricks, just 98% inferior when it comes to the type of plastic. Enlighten Brick is nothing compared to its competitors such as Li-Gao etc. Their mini figures are also in good quality meaning nothing loose or too tight, even the figure design itself is the same with Lego.

Below is the set I bought that cost me P550 (Originally at P660) that is around $13

Compare it to the original Lego below: (which usually costs P7,000 up which is $165 up)

Only minor designs were revised from the original but it is all manageable in terms of fun factor. I will go ahead and hunt for more Enlighten sets and will post some review here. You know what this means guys? It is a breakthough for a third world country like us. In the Philippines, most families belong to class C and D which makes Enlighten sets very affordable.

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