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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

As I was about to leave, I said "".(some contents were deleted by the author due to popular viewing)

Here's a song for you:

If you're leaving please take me along with you
(meaning: just take me with you)
I want to get rid of my troubles too
(meaning: i need something to make me forget my problems)
We can share the joys of life
(meaning: joys of life is smoking and drinking)
So won't you take me along
(meaning: ask me to come with you)
Flying high up in the sky
(meaning: getting naughty)
It would be beautiful, I know
(meaning: i'm positive you will enjoy me)
Just you and I
(meaning: nobody should be around)

Do you think that we can "be" right away?
(meaning: we can be lovers right away)
I don't think that we should stay another day
(meaning: we don't need to wait to get to know each other more)
Time will wait for the one
(meaning: let time stop for us)
We better run for this life or it's gone before I rise
(meaning: take me now or i'll be gone soon)
All I want to say to you
I need a company with me
(meaning: i'm alone tonight)
Let's take the flight
(meaning: i want a one night stand with you)

I wanted to sing this for you and play it on a piano :)


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