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Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Thoughts Part II

So I went to the office Sunday night. Thinking of the collaterals needed for our companys event and also projects requested by the blackbelt six sigma person that I need to accomplish next week. Well, I thought it's Sunday and there isn't any deliverables left so I ended up reading some webcomics. Then someone behind me said "hi". I turned to see who it was... it was the Indian VP. "Hi. Why are you here?", I said while trying to minimize my webcomics. "Hazel, let's have some coffee" He said. So I followed him out of the floor.
Okey... he was trying to come up with casual conversations at first so I interrupted him and asked him directly about the plans for our process. Now thinking that whatever he will be disclosing would greatly affect my decision... and that decision is something that I would need to decide tonight.


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