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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

It was my first time to attend a FCBD! We went to Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria around 10:40 am. The line was really really long. Saw Johnny, Omeng, Borge, Dex, Syeri and Jon etc. Most of the faces are familiar.. Ateneo students of Elbert, the comic fans & creators, and gleeks. And oh, I also saw Manong Calbo who came down straight from his shift like Borge and Dex.
Below is me, Andrew Villar, Micheal Ignacio and Macoy Tang. I also gave 10 free Callwork copies to be raffled. Omeng gave me a copy of his Love Story. Thanks dude! Ang ganda!
They also gave free comics to my kid! And to my mom!So I got 9 FCBD comics!!! Archies, Sonic, Bongo comics (simpsons), Fractured Fables, War of the Superman, Ironman Thor, DC kids, Yugiyoh manga plus 30 back issues all for free! I would have wanted to buy more grahpic novels but it was such a struggle to get inside. By the time I finished falling in line, there was just too crowded. Anyway, my mom won a Marvel RPG book. :) Then I delivered copies of Proud Callboy in Best Seller 4th level of Galleria. It was an enjoyable day so next May, fisrt Saturday, join us in Comic Odyssey, Planet X or Druid keep. Fullybooked only gives 1 comic per person unlike comic shops, 10 comics per person.

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