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Monday, August 27, 2007

Corporate Communications Manager slash Portfolio Manager slash Graphic Designer

I decided to post more random thoughts here. Sorry for those who were just after my comic strips.. which is of course, the main purpose of this blog. Going back, I decided to do this as an excercise for my writing skills since I will be working for our company's corporate communications. There is really no "communications" department here in the Philippines. We are thinking of developing one for dot ph. Our main communications office is in New York. All other countries like India, China, Spain etc. have their own corporate communications department.

Another thing that made us all busy is the new segment process that will be launched next month. I will be running the operations for this new process. Well at least my pilot agents will only be 10 FTE for the first batch. This will be easy to handle. The only challenge I'm seeing now is that I would need to take a crash product training while studying the KPI's and SLA's.

We will be having our off site meeting next week. Good thing is that I don't need to present any powerpoint eklaboo since I'm the newest manager but I'm preparing the collaterals to get them excited about this event.

On the lighter note, my close friend in ACS will be interviewed for our company next week. I hope he will make it so that we will be together again! Yehey! Puro kalokohan nanaman eto!!!



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