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Sunday, October 07, 2007

AMM Presentation, HSBC vs. ACS

These past few days I have been suffering from colds which sucks. It started last Thursday when I was about to give my presentation in front of all managers and executives, I felt my fever going up. I went on and on and felt that I am not myself. Just after the speech did I remember things that I forgot to mention. With my head filled with pain, I went down the building and saw the VP of HR. She congratulated me. What?! I thought it was the most stupid presentation. So there, I was in a hurry to walk out of our building. I passed by HSBC (which is not far from us) someone grabbed me and brushed against my cheek.. It was the Jeff, the M.O. from HSBC. He was telling me so many things even teaching me things about how he run the business. My brain was already floating at this time. I didn't remember much of his words but what I did remember him telling me, "I wasted one year of my life in ACS"... yeah! I agreed to that! He even told me that Andy Sarakinis was calling him to get him back to ACS. His answer was simple... No. It's the values and culture of HSBC that ACS doesn't have. As I went home I stated to think how I wasted three years of my life in ACS.
I didn't get enough sleep this weekend because of my flu. I even have to draw and write some comics. I work. I work all the time even when I'm sick. Right now I'm already feeling dizzy. But still there's so many things to accomplish...



At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Leo Vicente said...

I admit I work too much for another "Chipangga" call center. While, yes, the pay is not enough, the benefits sorely lacking and my job encompasses that of 2 departments.

However, I do not reget working in such a s___thole since I get to learn work in reallife crisis situations and how to deal with @$$h0l35 who can be territorial or have a terrible case of head-in-cement syndrome

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Hazel Chua said...

wow, i was really sick when writing this entry!

leo - there are some things in a chipangga call center that makes us happy and we wouldnt find that in a real call center/bpo company. hay just right now im feeling tamad to go to work.


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