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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dugo at Pawis ng Payslip

Clover: At last! This is it! I have been waiting for a month's *Overtime!!!
Clover: the fruit of my labor.... PAYSLIP!!!
Clover: AAARGH!!! Boss!!! Payroll discrepancy! My OT is not here! huhuhu
Boss Ken: did you render overtime?

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At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Quality Assurance Commissar said...

Where I come from, it's very hard to render OT since you will need written approval from the GM before you can file it.

On the plus side, an OT form with the GM's signature, is our best insurance against those pesky discrepancies.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... sounds like an ACS :)problem... hahahah

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous blueboy said...

patayin ang finance at payroll. YUN LANG PO> TENK U

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Hazel Chua said...

QAC - OT rendering for us is usually mandated by the sup or if the agent wanted to, should ask permission from the sup

anonymous - shhhh....

blueboy - lolz! agree

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Jon said...

I think these call centers should hire more competitive accountants and CFO


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