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Monday, September 03, 2007

26th Manila International Book Fair

Full parking and crowded... I never thought a lot of people would be interested in books! I went there to see my friend Stanley Chi and to buy his comic book entitled "Chopstix" and "Topak". I was supposed to be included in Topak Comics but due to the deadline, (he was asking for some 2-3 pager for the first three issues last May 2007), I never was able to submit an artwork. Upon browsing through it, it was so similar with Mwahaha.
Some other books I bought: PTGS 20 and 21, Hainaku 1 and 2, three books on John Maxwell, Secrets, three graphic novels on Fables, Neil Gaiman's graphic novel (i think the title has the word 'magic'), and lots and lots of children's book (sale in Goodwill). I wasn't even there for about an hour since my bag was already too heavy with books... tsk tsk decided to leave... too bad, I wasn't able to browse so much books and booths.



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