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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fan mails, Final Fantasy VI

I have been receiving mails from you guys (thanks to all of you!) but one thing I would like to reiterate to the new call center agents is integrity. Please do not imitate callwork character's work around and concepts. As a call center employee, you must walk with integrity. Believe me, it does pay at the end. Obey your leaders as God has put them there to guide and develop you. If your boss doesn't have integity, do not be afraid to report him/her to HR.

As I was reading Fushigi Yugi, I realized the dedicated man... like Hotohori... and the one I wanted.. like Tamahome. He was so dedicated that I didn't even try. I just went after the one I wanted. (I'm now in volume 6) I wish Miaka would give Hotohori a chance and not make the same mistake I did.

It is already months since I was trying to think whether to play the game Final Fantasy VI in Game Boy. It would consume time. A great deal of time. And for me, time has always been gold.

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At 1:30 AM, Anonymous jon said...

i must agree about integrity. there are a lot of call centers who doesn't have values

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous doraexplorer said...

when in doubt, use integrity...

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

more power to callwork!!! God Bless!!!


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