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Friday, July 11, 2008


Life is full of choices but making the right decision I think this is the hardest part while making the “it feels right” decision is the sweetest one. Given these, I made up a list so that it will me easier for me to focus on my choices:

1. I really want to buy a brand new Honda Civic. But knowing it would be better to invest in property, I’m planning to buy a house this year. I don’t feel any exciteness in buying a house, maybe because it’s not a need for me and my kid as for the moment, but I know I’d rather buy a house than a brand new car.

2. Enrolling in Fitness First (Which % of the fee is going to be shouldered by my company) or in Elorde Boxing School (in which, 100% of tuition fee will be shouldered by me). Yup, I know gym would definitely build up more sexiness in me but I also know that there is no fun. No fun because I’m not after building some muscles in my body. Hence, it feels right to enroll in the boxing school for some fun and stomach abs development.

3. Continuing my MBA in Ateneo – Genpact program (which will be shouldered by my company 50%) or forget the MBA and continue with the publishing business. Yup, it feels right to continue my MBA degree but I know it’s my responsibility to continue my comics since Callwork is my baby.

4. To take a vacation in the U.S., see my barkada and be able to use my VISA (so that it will be more easy when it comes to renewal) or take a short trip to Singapore and Macau and just enjoy a couple of days tour. I know sooner or later that I have no choice but to use my US Visa.

5. Lastly and the most important one, should I get a distributor for my book for me to have some free time at least or should I control this myself?

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