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Monday, October 27, 2008

Carppol and callwork Colab, Business permit, thanking people

I just paid more than 5k this morning for my business permit... it's kinda expensive to just market 1 book as of the moment and it will only last until december :( still, I decided to push thru since it's plotted as one of my goals for 2008.
On the other side, thanks to Alex for the book review of Callwork. You may read it here in his beautiful call center blog - Aftercallblogs. Alex is one of the people who continue to inspire me in achieveing my dreams. Thank you!
Thanks also to Oliver who has been acting as my sales representative. Marketing the books to different stores is sure a challenge. Thank you.. now National Bookstore already approved Callwork!
And a million thanks to Syeri of Carpool for all the business mentoring. She even made a comic strip of callwork and carpool colaboration. Check out the strip she made below:

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