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Monday, November 23, 2009

Blankets by Craig Thompson

I finished this within a day and it was the last copy in Powerbooks Alabang. It's not something like Persepolis or Maus but it is something that will get readers hooked on. Yes, it's fun and exciting read about the author's first love and childhood. Very honest, appealing, just damn bautiful. I highly recommend this especially to non comic book readers. Unlike Maus or Persepolis, the graphics here are beautifully drawn. Especially the ink style.
"There are some wonderful characters in the book, including Laura (Raina’s mentally-handicapped sister), Craig’s various fundamentalist pastors through his youth and Craig’s brother Phil. I loved the part when both boys were fighting one night (by peeing on each other), the part when Craig and Phil spend time together when they’re both graduated and out of high school, as well as many other scenes. It’s very much a mosaic/collage novel (very postmodern), and I found myself turning back a page often, just to make sure I didn’t accidentally skip a page – only to find out this was a jump the author intended, often strengthening the theme he was exploring. At any rate, go to the library, grab the book and spend a few hours in the illustrated life of Craig Thompson." -(pomomusings)



At 7:30 PM, Blogger Randy P. Valiente said...

Yes, one of my fave too :) Ganda pa ng drawing


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