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Monday, November 16, 2009


Clover: Calls, calls, calls again! Please, I don't wanna see that demon today... I hope sup Ken is absent. Auto-in again. My PC is too slow! Wanna throw this out of the window!
Oli: You're full of whinning. I'm sure resignation will come next!
Clover: wow, you're so good. You yourself have full complains!
Cathy: so, let's just all resign! That is cool!

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At 8:45 PM, Blogger Quality Assurance Commissar said...

Such whining will quiet down when payday comes unless your usual discreps hit your paycheck.

BTW, do call center workers here have unions or does the management forbid thenm form organizing?

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Hazel Manzano said...

QAC - yes, unions are currently forbided in call centers.


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