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Monday, November 16, 2009

Carrer vs. Profession; Climbing Your Own Mt. Everest; Midlife Crisis

It's been a while since I posted some real blog entry. The truth is, twitter has become so convinient for me that I don't need to do blogs anymore. It's short and fast. Anyway, the reason I'm writing this now is because a good friend of mine texted me last Friday night. He told me how hard it is to be happy. He said he is already 37 yrs. old and still "just" a teacher and how lucky I am that I have a career. But what is career really? Isn't it that when you're a teacher you have a profession? Unlike me who only happens to have a career but NOT a profession? (Since I'm "just" managing a call center). I asked him, "Isn't teaching what you always wanted when you were still a kid?" It is a profession since it is something that you studied so hard in college and now practising. Unlike me, everyone can work in a call center. We are not particular what course that person graduated. Am I correct? So I think that IS the difference between a profession and a career. If ever you are reading this, here is some thing for you:
On another note, do you guys know what your Mount Everest is in life? I started to become aware of my Mt. Everest when I read this back in 2006. I think it was sent by Ariel Atienza. Aware or not, admit it, we all have our own Mt. Everest to climb in this life. One note, to be able to achieve your Mt. Everest, there should be two jobs that you are currently holding. One is the "sexy" job and the other is your "cash" job/ business 'coz like the word states, you're just doing it for income. The "sexy" job/ business is the passion that will bring you to your Mt. Everest.
"As soon as you accept this, I mean really accept this, for some rea­son your career starts moving ahead fas­ter. I don’t know why this hap­pens. It’s the peo­ple who refuse to cleave their lives this way– who just want to start Day One by quit­ting their current crappy day job and moving straight on over to best-selling author… Well, they never make it"
To all my friends, here is the link to that, " Climbing Your Own Mt. Everest" and you have to read this whole and not just the bullet points.

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At 3:09 PM, Blogger Neil said...

Wow great debate on the topic Carrer vs Profession. The soul within our individual souls loves the one who runs & falls down more than the one who sits & watches. Goals and Objectives counseling


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