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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review - Sentences and Vignettes Valentino

Hey there! I won't be posting any comics update anytime soon since I'm catching up with the Manila Bulletin's Sunday strip to sync with this blog and also I'm already working on my second book. I will be launching this on summer Komikon. In the mean time, I have some great autobiographical comix recommendations for you to read:Sentences the life of MF Grimmo is a story of a kid who grew up on hip hop, rap, gangsters, drugs in New York. It is quite depressing story but it will get you hooked on. I didn't realize that
there are really people who lived a life like this. He has been shot, prisoned, but still life goes on for this talented rapper. My favorite scene was when his best friend came to visit to his hospital bed while he is in coma. Soon after that he learned that his best friend was already dead.
Another graphic novel called Vignettes: The Autobiographical Comix of Valentino is a good read. Very honest, expresses well both in writing and art. I really enjoyed reading this wasted comics (wasted ,coz he is always wasted with acid). It's funny, and the way he deals with his everyday life... how he wanted to quit smoking, how he handled his marriage and step kids, how hard it is living as an artist with clients who can't be trusted with commissions. I read this for days. I didn't expect that there's too much content inside this book. Every chapter is an experience I wouldn't forget. I salute you, Valentino!

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