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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where is Home?

I just finished reading the Martial Law Babies by Arnold Arre and all the time I have been reading, there's this sort of lump in my throat. I remember the things that I did back when I was young, the friends I once had, the UP campus... it was really nostalgic. Then there's this negative feelings that also flooded me... it made me go back to what I have been doing in my life after graduating from UP. There's this Sykes thing that, i only took after failing the company I ever dreamed working for. I didn't plan to work in a call center. I just got attracted to the prospect of getting my own NASD license (US stock broker license). So there, I was sent to Hongkong by Sykes to get the exam for series7 and 63 license. When I got back, I thought my job was to just do stocks and mutual funds trading but it ended I have to do a uh... call center thingee of "customer service rep" which includes doing everything for the client and the financial adviser. Then there's this wedding. Yup, just like Francis and Dina... how I wanted to run out of the door, how I told my friends that going to U.S. is an escape... escape to your failures, how my parents and relatives wanted me to just live in the US, how the only person who has truly loved me cannot be found anymore. Looking back, I have done a lot of "wrongs" in my life. A lot of people might see me as someone who is okay... but I then again, I have failed. I have failed several times. Right now? Wishing I was again back there in UP Palma Hall or FA hanging out with my friends.

Three thumbs up for Martial Law babies!

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