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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Komikon 2013 for Kids!

"Come join us for another fun-filled day of buying local comics, meeting your favorite comic artists, challenging your drawing and story-telling skills on April 13, 2013 from 10 am – 7 pm at the fifth consecutive year of Summer Komikon, also from the organizers of the main Komikon held every last quarter of the year (since 2005).
For a Php 100 entrance fee, fill all of your comics’ cravings for the year in just one day! It’s FREE for 12 until 12! All kids (under 12) arriving before noon get to enter for free! So grab our Summer Komikon Tabloid: The First Edition at the entrance so you will not miss out on anything, especially the list of all the new titles being released.
Highlights will be on our kid-friendly comic creators with special guests like Jomike Tejido – creator of Foldabots published in K-Zone and Mikrokosmos comic strips, Robert Magnuson – artist of Shirley’s Pets (Junior Inquirer) and OMF’s The Great Duck and Crocodile Race and Elbert Or – creator of Bakemono High (K-Zone) and also the artist for Lola: A Ghost Story by J. Torres."

See us at Booth B64. We will be launching our Legend of Chima toys! Of course, Ninjago, Star Wars and Dicney Cars will still be there.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bellevue Hotel Pre-Christmas Bazaar

Hi! Drop by this Saturday and Sunday at the Bellevue Hotel, Nov. 17-18 2012. Free Entrance! I will be selling my toys and NINJAGO!

I will be at booth 71. See yah!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Komikon 2012

Hey guys! It's Komikon once again and this time, I will be selling Lego like toys so come and join the fun! See you in Bayanihan Center (unilab) along Pioneer, Pasig.
- Ninjago
- Star Diamond
- Enlighten
- Cogo
- Sluban
- Wange

Check out products here

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Hi guys! Sorry about not updating this blog lately. I have been busy with a new hobby. Not actually a new hobby, it was more of a comeback since I love Legos eversince I was a child. Now I'm busy with brickin and makin videos. You may check my youtube account at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sluban Building Bricks

While on the hunt for Enlighten bricks, I came upon this set called "Sluban". I think it is more popular than Enlighten since the brand is not a knock off of Lego. It has a line of completely unique designs. The one I got below was for the girls stuff. Cute colors and theme. My only complain would be the mini figures are not as good as Lego and Enlighten. Their limbs are poorly connected. The arms easily fall off. Although what I liked is that the bricks have good grip but not as tight as enlighten. There are also extra pieces and stickers thrown in the package.

 Wheels are plastic and not rubber like Enlighten:

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heard of Enlighten Bricks?

I started playing LEGO when me and my sister inherited 1970's sets from our cousin. Since then, we continued to buy until the 1980s model. Just recently, I was able to discover a brand named Enlighten. Surprisingly, it is at par with Lego..with quality detailed bricks, just 98% inferior when it comes to the type of plastic. Enlighten Brick is nothing compared to its competitors such as Li-Gao etc. Their mini figures are also in good quality meaning nothing loose or too tight, even the figure design itself is the same with Lego.

Below is the set I bought that cost me P550 (Originally at P660) that is around $13

Compare it to the original Lego below: (which usually costs P7,000 up which is $165 up)

Only minor designs were revised from the original but it is all manageable in terms of fun factor. I will go ahead and hunt for more Enlighten sets and will post some review here. You know what this means guys? It is a breakthough for a third world country like us. In the Philippines, most families belong to class C and D which makes Enlighten sets very affordable.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rejected Comic Strips

I was thinking of posting the rejected Callwork comic strips from Manila Bulletin here in my blog. Those of you who are sensitive may now leave this page. The following strips are based on true experiences back when I was with Genpact. It was very hard for us especially for the agents who went under training with this trainer. In the end, she left the country still with having that odour. But she is a very nice person. It's just that the friendship didn't grow because of this factor...

More strips to come till next post!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011: The Year of Learning

My 2011 was full of unexpected scenarios. It all began when I decided to make a come back to the workforce management. It was Jan. 3rd, exactly a year ago with Tech Mahindra. They were starting up a center here in the Philippines. I didn't know that this will open new horizons for me. This is where I also met my one and only mentor... Jasbir Kuhar. He came all the way from India to help me start up MIS here. Stayed for more than 5 months away from his family just to make sure I am well-equipped before he left. It was struggle and hardwork but then everything paid off. Now I came to realize how much power there is in knowledge. Thank you Jasbir. You've taught me what a true WFM is.

I also met Rohit Gupta, who has strong operational skills and also good in numbers. He is the transition manager that I would also emulate... I also met good friends in this company.. Cj, Jenn, Mike Yeoung, Nikz, Jay, Chris and Marlowe.

After 6 months, the company moved to Libis and I moved to paradise. Yes indeed, me and my friends used to call this company "Paradise" simply because of its good vibes and perfect bosses. I moved to C3connect just in time for wave zero.
And I can say that until now, it is indeed a paradise to work here...
Yes, we are this whacky!

I also thank God for my beautiful and talented girl who won once again in the oratorical contest!
In the art scene, I was not active but I was able to achieve some small being in the summer komikon as guest:
And the SKP exhibit where I met Pnoy:

And Dra. Yap beling picked up and published internationally thru Flipside for Ipad/Ihones and Android devices:

And God continues to bless us... Two brand new cars for 2011!

I'm really excited to 2012.. for I am a monkey and monkeys are liked by dragons! SO much blessings to come with my capacity leveling up and I'm all arms and mind open!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Komikon 2011

Hey guess what time of the year is it again? Yup that's right it's early Christmas when it's the Annual Komikon!
Though I won't be there to sell some comics, support your favorite artists! We also have the BOINK! graphic novel coming out for kids. Also, Kikomachine 7 is launching! Who can resist not to get a copy?!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Callwork in Eperformax

I did a comcis talk about Callwork behind the script last Sep. 23 2011 in EPerformax call center. Yup the one in Pacific Star. Thanks to Reia Vergara for conducting the event. Too bad Carlo Vergara of Zha Zha Zaturnnah couldn't wake up that eary (6am) so he instead had his talk around 11pm Friday night. Ako gow pa din kahit super hagard from shift!

 On my left was the singer of Kala band. He has an upcoming tv show in tv5 just wait for it!
Thanks to all who supported. Thank you also for the gifts! Till next time!

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