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Monday, February 23, 2009


Jeff: We not doing anything but smoke all through out training...
Clover: I'm not in the mood. Anyway, I'll be resigning after training! hahaha
Jeff: I'll just be absent during production

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting High on Nature

Yes, that's our theme: Conquer your fear and get high on nature. We did some tree top adventure extreme in Subic. Easiest game was the chair lift (1 hr canopy ride) above the trees- 140 to 220 feet long, span 12 platforms built around tree trunks, 100 feet above the ground.

The tree drop adventure was the most extreme:Me saying "Hi!" ready to drop This is how high the rappelling was - 105 feet
The most super duper fun was the superman ride. I didn't get any picture but basically your posture is like superman gliding through thin air looking down on the whole forest.
We had lutong kawayan for lunch. We all sat in this long table using our hands and banana leaves to eat. This picture was taken after eating. We all finished eating in about 5 mins. because of hunger.

Anyway, on our way to subic, we had a pit stop in between Angeles and NLEX shell station. Went to Select and bought three Archie comics - 2 Jughead with the all new look and Tales from Riverdale Digest 18.

It tells about Chucky Clayton and his comic indie trying to promote in the comic con. His original character named "Danger Giraffe 3000" making a hit in the Riverdale Con.
We ended up bringing home 6 live chickens. This was due to the fire making and cooking of chicken activity being cancelled due to lack of time. Talk about challenge, our tour bus airconditioner broke down on the way home to Manila.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Balik Training

Back to training
back to zero
Some trainees think that this is just easy
Clover: you will only learn once to took calls
Rhea: I'm bored. Lets just sleep.
So when nesting period arrives
Cathy: Where's the trainer?
Rhea: Sup call!
Clover: lets just go down and smoke!
Jeff: HELP!
Oli: What should I do?
Sorry guys... I'll try to be back in color if I can

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UP CSA Reunion

The U.P. Chinese Student Association Alumni Homecoming held last Jan. 31st in Gloria Maris, Greenhills. First time that a lot of people attended, most of them I do not know anymore... batches way ahead or younger peeps. Anyway, here's a pic of some people I used to hang out in the tambayan. Dr. Mike Te and Arch. Charles Ng not in pic but present. Ooh tambayan, I miss you! Won a bag of first aid kit and also brought home a UP CSA mug and car sticker.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Nagsara na Account part 2

Oh boy... life in a call center... if your account closes down...
Guy: what invalid sales?!
Ken: Your AHT is too high!
Ops Manager: stop it
You will get different reactions!
Cathy: I don't want to move to another account! I will just resign!
And there are some:
Clover: Woohoo! back to training!
Sarah : ooh! a walk in the park! here I come!

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