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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Job Opening: Black Belt

Genpact is looking for a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Quality Manager. Email your resume at


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Monday, September 28, 2009


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At Last! I Found Persepolis

After the typhoon Ondoy, I was able to go to the mall yesterday and watch "The Grudge 3". It's not funny and it's not scary. Grudge 3 is an American film which I find weird 'coz I'm used to watching Jhorror originals. This one doesn't have an "after effect" to me where I want to discuss the movie... unlike the Grudge 1 and 2. It's a waste of time.
Good news is that I was able to buy some comics. One is "Persepolis", an Iranian creator, which I have been hunting for the past months.

It's a thick grahpic novel and I found it in Powerbooks Fesitvall Mall and you get a free book for every purchase of Php1000! So I chose to get "Maintena Women on the Edge 5" comic book:
It's a European comic strips but has english translated version. Lastly, I was able to purchase the latest Archie Comics the proposal and the wedding!
The painting that I have been working on for the past month was about the flooded Manila. Then there, it came true! It was flooded all over in greater Manila area. Creepy! Good thing was south area (Alabang and Laspinas) didn't get flooded. I won't be posting my painting since it still needs a lot of work and I'm really lazy when it comes to painting. It's a completely different process from making comics.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First One Hundred Years of Philippine Komiks and Cartoons

From the multiply site of Sir Boboy:
“THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED Years of Philippine Komiks and Cartoons” coffee table book will be launched on Oct. 16, 2009 at 5PM at the Powerbooks, Megamall. Written by Dr. John A. Lent of Temple University and published by Yonzon Associates. Painstaking data and visual research.Size: 10” x 11” (bigger than usual), in glorious full color, 156 pages to be exact. Three main chapters by Lent, supplemented by other writers Doy del Mundo, Orvy Jundis, Glady Gimena, Manny Auad, Beth Chionglo, Aileen Casis, Guia Yonzon and me. Prize is only P1,500., just the price of a US graphic novel. For those who will make reservations and pay before the launch date, we will give 20 percent discount. Just get in touch with Gwiz or me.It’s a whole 100 years gallery from Jose Rizal to the present day Pinoy artists. This book will make you proud of who we are in the comics dome! I didn’t realize too until we got into it.Here is one version of the cover, the jacket. And some sample spreads.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Trying in another Call Center

Cathy: I should try in other call centers since there are too much unfulfilled promises here.
Rhea: Well, I'll support you Cathy as long as it's for your career growth
Cathy: Thanks
Rhea: just give me your mirror, pillow, figurine...
Cathy: wait wait.. I'm not yet sure if I will make it so return it first!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cheezmax muna: Miss MO

Siguro bored na bored na kayo dito sa blog. Kaya eto may cheezmax ako sa inyo. Tungkol ito sa isang manager of operations sa isang kalapitang call center. Let's just call her "Miss MO". Itong si Miss MO ay minsang naghu-huddle sa kanyang mga team members at nagbitaw pa ng salita na, "look at our "neighbor", magsasara na ang account. It's good that we are here! We are in a stable company!"
After a few months, nagresign na si Miss MO at lilipat na sa "neighbor" call center. Ironically, si "neighbor" call center ay lumalaki... in fact hindi naman nagsara ang account nito. Kaya good luck Miss MO! At least nakuha mo na ang AVP position sa nila-it la-it mo na call center. I'm sure magkikita kita din tayo dahil taga dito ako!


Monday, September 07, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's been long since I posted some journal entry here. I just thought that I would give you guys some updates on what I have been doing lately. I'm still working on the Callwork book 2 but I will not release it this Oct. Komikon. There are still unfinished story lines and topics that I wanted to discuss in my second book. On the other hand, we, SKP, will be releasing another book this October Komikon and an exhibit for the PICCA fest so please buy that! I'm also working on a painting for the exhibit of Manila Bulletin artists in cooperation with SM. Oh yeah I also joined a group called, "Komikero". It's really nice meeting and hanging out with these cool guys in Sampaloc Lake in San pablo.I was also able to get some great bargains in NBS sale last weekend. Bought three graphic novels entitled, Houdini The handcuff King, Haunted mansion and Jokes and the Unconsious. Jokes and the Unconsious is a really really good graphic novel. The flow of the story and the visuals positively swims.

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