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Monday, May 31, 2010

Komikero Swimming in Nagcarlan

Malayo-layo ang pinunta namin kahapon sa Komikero swimming... sa Nagcarlan Laguna. Taas ito ng bundok... Sa mga hindi nakakaalam, ang Komikero ay isang grupo na binubuo ng mga comic book creators...kahit sino pwede sumali dito basta umaatend ng meeting sa pagkalayo layong San Pablo. At ganda naman ng view di ba?
At syempre, itong si Johnny Balbon ang isa pang nagpapaganda ng view...

Ayan dear readers, tignan niyo ang kanyang pagka-balbon...

Tamang tama naman ang dating namin at magtatanghalian na!
Ayan, mga patay gutom kasi kami... then swimming na!Siyempre yan ang main event sa komikero meeting di ba? Chismis time while in the pool.. Ganyan daw si Jonas mangakit ng babae... may eye to eye contact..nakakaloka

This is Arvin and Kevin. Sino mas pogi sa kanila dear readers? (Si Arvin yung naka skin at si kevin naman yung may tshirt...) paki lagay nalang sa comments yung preference niyo.

Eto naman ang Shaolin Soccer boys. Sino sa tingin niyo ang may pinakamalaking tiyan? Sa comments na lang ulet.
1. Andrew Villar (na orang na orange talaga).
Motto: "Love is forever"
2. Dexter Entera. Motto: "Love is sex."

3. And the grandmaster of Shaolin, Gerry Alanguilan.
Motto: "Love never fails"
Eto ang mga Genpact boys na gaya gaya na gusto na rin magresign...

Maaga kami ni Andrew umalis at di na umabot sa inuman.Sayang, yun pa naman ang pinakamasarap... pero hindi masarap kapag malayo pa ang uuwian mo...
Sobrang tahimik pauwi, nakakapanibago itong probinsyang ito. Pero pinatay din kami ng trafik pagdating ng San Pablo City papasok ng highway. All in all, sulit naman sa saya ang lakarang ito. Salamat guys! Sa susunod muli.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Proud Callboy Review!

A review from Spider Ham's blog:
"This book will not only make you laugh but also make you realize how funny but at the same time how tough is the life of call center agents and technical support people. They will be able to relate to the stories inside the book."
Read more here

Thanks dude for enjoying the book 2 of Callwork!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proud Callboy is National Bookstore's Best-selling!

After the book launching of Proud Callboy last April 17, Summer Komikon, it is now one of the best seller for National Bookstore's non-fiction category for the month of May (no.10 sumabit). I was overwhelmed when I saw it together with my favorite authors like Malcolm Gladwell, The One Minute guys, Mitch Albom, and GoNegosyo!

Thank you dear readers. This is really for you guys. Yung mga hindi pa nakakabili, tumakbo na sa National Bookstores. Already available nationwide. Cebu and Bohol sa Sabado pa magiging avail pero pwede na magpareserve.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love her, but she's taken...

Dear Ate Hazel,

It started with this appreciation day in the office, where you can write something in a piece of card, and show some love and since knowing it that deep inside me in some way or another i have to let her know that i do LIKE her, so i took the card and the opportunity to tell her since most likely i get tounge tied if i speak to her personally. The message goes like this:
"I dont even know why im writing you this, or for what benefit it would give me, i just would like to say THANK YOU. There alot of things that i have to tell you,alot of things to behold, YET somethings are better left unsaid I do hope that given a chance, you'll let me tell you what it is and why...."
The only problem is, ate, may boyfriend na siya...her bf knew bout the fact na I sent her that card. I recieved a PM using her account, "stay away from Beverly, this is her bf"...
Last night we bump into each other. we had a serious talk. she said SORRY and i said sorry. I said na its my fault in the first place and she does not have to ask for apologies. I don't know...ate...she even asked me when will i be back coz it was my off last night and...was just in the office coz of my stats. i mean...when she asked me when will i report back to office and she wants to know what made me say thanks to her.
My thanks is for making my heart skips a beat after all that ived been thru..thought the wall ived built was high enough but someone jumped over and crumbled those wall haaay thanks sorry po ate if sobrang cheesy yung mga sagot ko its what i have from the heart and since we're talking something from the heart, better tell you the truth...

Hanz from
Cebu, call center agent
May borfriend na yung tao... period. In another thought, pwede sana e.. kaya lang pinalam mo na kagad kay Beverly na may gusto ka sa kanya kaya ayan tuloy, nalaman ng bf niya. Dapat kasi, hindi malalaman ng bf niya para pwede ka pang pumorma sa kanya tutal magkasama kayo sa office right? And madali na lang mapapaopen up yan si Beverly sayo kung lagi mong kachika. Ayan, tuloy naudlot dahil masyadong napaaga ang paglalantaran mo ng iyong feelings. So now, you need to be civil but maintain that distance. I'm sure guwapo ka Hanz and marami pa namang dalaga na single sa office niyo. Respect their relationship. That's the best thing.
Mga readers may maipapayo rin ba kayo kay Hanz? Please leave a comment.
email me at or PM your story in facebook.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hazel Manzano of Callwork comics

This is a video made by Miguel Escano for his MA in Multimedia Arts in Ateneo.

Call Center Agents not getting any leave on Election Day

Tomorrow is a non-working holiday which is usually a working day for call center employees. If I was still in the BPO industry, this will not be a concern for me since the voting hours are morning till the afternoon and my shift starts at night. Coming from a Sat Sun restday, no worries. But what about those who have shifts on a Sunday night? Can they still vote after their shifts? Just a little sleep sacrifice since they still need to go to work on a Monday night. Maybe the main concern here are those working on a technical account like Verizon or something with shifts of 7am to 4 pm. Clearly, how can they vote? The management especially the workforce should have planned this so that their employees on that shift can still make it to their respective precinct.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Proud Callboy shipping in all countries

You can now order Proud Callboy thru MyAyala and National Bookstore online! Click here


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

It was my first time to attend a FCBD! We went to Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria around 10:40 am. The line was really really long. Saw Johnny, Omeng, Borge, Dex, Syeri and Jon etc. Most of the faces are familiar.. Ateneo students of Elbert, the comic fans & creators, and gleeks. And oh, I also saw Manong Calbo who came down straight from his shift like Borge and Dex.
Below is me, Andrew Villar, Micheal Ignacio and Macoy Tang. I also gave 10 free Callwork copies to be raffled. Omeng gave me a copy of his Love Story. Thanks dude! Ang ganda!
They also gave free comics to my kid! And to my mom!So I got 9 FCBD comics!!! Archies, Sonic, Bongo comics (simpsons), Fractured Fables, War of the Superman, Ironman Thor, DC kids, Yugiyoh manga plus 30 back issues all for free! I would have wanted to buy more grahpic novels but it was such a struggle to get inside. By the time I finished falling in line, there was just too crowded. Anyway, my mom won a Marvel RPG book. :) Then I delivered copies of Proud Callboy in Best Seller 4th level of Galleria. It was an enjoyable day so next May, fisrt Saturday, join us in Comic Odyssey, Planet X or Druid keep. Fullybooked only gives 1 comic per person unlike comic shops, 10 comics per person.

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