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Monday, July 28, 2008

Refer A Friend - Tambay

Clover: Why is it that no one in my referrals passed the interview?

HR Recruitmet: 'Coz you need to stop referring unqualified bums!
Clover: Don't be such an ass

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Happy Birthday Tara! Mwah!

Treated the whole family in Manila Ocean Park last Sunday for post celebration of my daughter's 2nd birthday. More pictures in

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Callwork Televised in Studio 23

This is the strip that was discussed:

The announcer said that Callwork reflects real life situation... something like that...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SKP book launching held at National Press Club

Got this from the website: Ladyairbus


Members who contributed in this book were:

JUN AQUINO: a painter and computer graphic artist ,has been the art director of the philippine free press Magz since 1987. FREELY ABRIGO:The maker of "kulas" that came out in manila bulliten.he also created GA & GO that appreared in the mwahahah humor magz. RENE ARANDA: At present, he is the Chief Editorial Cartoonist of the Philippine Star.CHONG ARDIVILLA: He works as graphic designer at the Philippine Star where his comic strip "fringe benefits cafe" appear.ARIEL ATIENZA: His current work is seen in the US San francisco,California weekly prayer,Philippine news.he's also the founding memebers of Artists Den and SAPAK.ROMY BUEN: At present he's the sole editorial cartoonist of Abante and Abante tonite.SHERRY BAET: the first filipina cartoonist to self publish her book.She is known for her work"carpool" which appered in Manila Bulletin for a year.AILEEN CASIS: A woman with so much talent.She does the front page layout of the Manila Bulletin and illustrations for Life and Leisure section.STANLEY CHI: he is the hand behind "chopsticks" for the manila Bulletin.His other works include "biblebloopers" for Christian today; Lucky and Johnny Together with Monkey Business for Biznews.DENNIS COLLANTES: the cartoonist behind Cels talk (manila bulletin).WILLIAM CONTRERAS: he's behind the manila Bulletin's comic strip "tok & mol" and "geno". NEIL DOLORICON:he became the dean of fine arts at UP.MANNY FRANCISCO: The man behind "life's a....."of manila Times.Among his works are "grinminded" and "dog fud".NORMAN ISAAC:of Manila Bulletin.a multi awarded cartoonist here and abroad.Aside fro meditorial cartooning, he does sports cartoon and he's the man behind "norman's island".BAYANI JOSE: at present he's the design consultant at the Department of Agrarian Reform. HAZEL MANZANO:She created "callwork".First published in her company's quarterly magz now relishes a national exposure at manila Bulletin.DENGCOY MIEL: a celebrated editorial cartoonist of strait Times of Singapore.TATUM MILAMBILING: the man behind "three plus three","furry tale", and "idiosyn-crazies" and "tuldok".TITO MILAMBILING: editorial cartoonist of Balita and the hand behind "Kusyo and Buyok of manila bulletin.ED PADILLA: Known as Architect Ed, is currently maintaining his full-staffed office designing buildings and quality establishments. he has a comic book titled, MANG ED.NICK PERTIERRA:Since 1992, when he joined MALAYA,Nick has been holding fort as its editorial cartoonist.MIMI ROMUALDEZ:A college student and cartoonist in one. Her work frog Pond appears in manila Bulletin comic page.ROGER SANCHEZ: A painter and illustrator and was an editorial cartoonist for Manila Standardin 2003. RONI SANTIAGO: He's best known for his work "baltic and Company of manila Bulletin.PAOLO SIMBULAN: A project Architect with the gruppo armani. he;s one of the new and young officers of SKP.JOMIKE TEJIDO:Also known as "kuya Jomike" hosts Art Skool, a children's art show in tv.He created the environmental comic strip, Mikrokosmos for the Philippine daily Inquirer.He's also a multi awarde book illustrator.BOY TAN TOGONON (deceased): Known as BOYTOGS started his career in 1971 when he joined Daily Express. he created "melody" and "sarhentong".BLADIMER USI: a Philippine college of criminology graduate ,also had a stint with the manila times and metro News.JULIUS VILLANUEVA: His work 'life in progress", appreaded at manila Bulletin at the end of 2003. Currently working for a tv show in a major network and preparing for the 2nd life in progress book.ANDREW VILLAR: he is the artist and writer for the 'ambush" comic appears in manila Bulliten.ARVIE VILLENA: as a freelancer, he's done editorial cartoons and poster designs for the Freedom From Debt Coalition.He works right now for golfro international as comgen artist.TOTO YONZON: at present he's working for the tagaytay based company Yonzon Associates run by current SKP President and of Mango Comics that produces MooMoo hunters ,mwahaha and Mango jam.TONTON YOUNG:He's based overseas.KNown for his work "pupung" whose jokes about obesity, baldness and such may not find appreciation in the politially correct environment of USA.BOBOY YONZON: a man jampacked with a lots of talent (nakuha ata nito lahat nung magsabog ng mga biyaya si GOD) Hay--pano ko ba ikaw e describe? ganito na lang kaya: an educator, cartoonist, master of light photographer,writer, director,painter and a LOT MORE! He's a very GOOD friend and presently the president of SKP.To read more about these artists--please buy the book.Let's support the SKP!Most of the artists description were taken from the book itself.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Callwork in French

Hi guys! For french version of Callwork comics, check out this site: The site is an online magazine that features call centers in France.


Big Time Agents

Officemate: Ken! You're agents are big shot!
Ken: What made you say that??
Officemate: because you have doctors, lawyers and nurses as agents!
Ken: they are here 'coz they didn't pass the board exams!.... look at that, they can't even speak english!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tara's less than 1 yr old Video

Malabo lang since napaliit na yung file...

Monday, July 14, 2008

SKP Book

The Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas celebrates its 30th anniversary with the launch of the SKP Roster Book featuring the works of its more than 30 members representing all major newspapers and comic books. And I forgot to go to the event last Friday... sheesh! I have 4 pages of contribution in that book.



Ops Manager: Ken, why is your report blank? And where are your call monitors?
Ken: wait let me think....
Ken: aha! That's it! I didn't get to do it 'coz of the meetings!

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Friday, July 11, 2008


Life is full of choices but making the right decision I think this is the hardest part while making the “it feels right” decision is the sweetest one. Given these, I made up a list so that it will me easier for me to focus on my choices:

1. I really want to buy a brand new Honda Civic. But knowing it would be better to invest in property, I’m planning to buy a house this year. I don’t feel any exciteness in buying a house, maybe because it’s not a need for me and my kid as for the moment, but I know I’d rather buy a house than a brand new car.

2. Enrolling in Fitness First (Which % of the fee is going to be shouldered by my company) or in Elorde Boxing School (in which, 100% of tuition fee will be shouldered by me). Yup, I know gym would definitely build up more sexiness in me but I also know that there is no fun. No fun because I’m not after building some muscles in my body. Hence, it feels right to enroll in the boxing school for some fun and stomach abs development.

3. Continuing my MBA in Ateneo – Genpact program (which will be shouldered by my company 50%) or forget the MBA and continue with the publishing business. Yup, it feels right to continue my MBA degree but I know it’s my responsibility to continue my comics since Callwork is my baby.

4. To take a vacation in the U.S., see my barkada and be able to use my VISA (so that it will be more easy when it comes to renewal) or take a short trip to Singapore and Macau and just enjoy a couple of days tour. I know sooner or later that I have no choice but to use my US Visa.

5. Lastly and the most important one, should I get a distributor for my book for me to have some free time at least or should I control this myself?

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Isolated Agent

Ken: He is resigning soon... he might influence others to go with him!

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