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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Callwork on QTV 11

Watch the komikon coverage and Callwork interview tonight, 9:30 pm on QTV ch. 11!!!

On another note, I won 3rd place in 60 seconds of fame in our company contest... yehey!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

KOMIKON 2008, Callwork on GMA

Komikon was a success! Met a lot of people from DA and Manila Bulletin. We also had a talk/ interview during the event about SKP since that is one of the highlights of the event. Thank you for all the fans who supported Callwork from the following call centers: Wachovia-Genpact, Etelecare, IQOR, Transcom, Sykes, Convergys, Global9, ACS, Teletech, ICT, Infonxx,West and other BPO's. Also book signed the SKP Roster book. Thanks to all who bought the book. Ended the day with a one on one interview with GMA so watch me talk about Callwork Comics on QTV in News on Q I will be informing you guys as to when it will be aired (yes yes... I made a lot of boo boo's during the interview and besides I was perspiring from the heat with my hair uncombed hahaha)

The table in SKP booth
Sir Roni Santiago of Baltic and Co./ Kuyug, and Jing of Mango comics
Carlo Vergara of Zsa Zsa Zaturnah
Mannix Abrera of Kiko Machine

Freely Abrigo of Kulas and Syeri Baet of Carpool

Jac Ting Lim of Pilya

some friends and former co-worker

Friends and former co-workers

Micheal David of Culture Crash/ Kubori Kikiam

Jomike Tejido of Foldabots and Mikrokosmos and Andrew Villar of Ambush

Some komiks I bought. AArgh! I should have rounded all the tables! More good komiks that I forgot to buy. It was also impossible to eat but still managed to. Callwork Comics was sold out around 5:30 pm. Again thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed reading Callwork. Till next time!

More photos/ video coverage in Azrael's Site and also here

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Depression times for BPO's?

There has been a lot of cost cutting lately in different call centers/ BPO's but this one article really surprised me... Read below:

Nov. 17 2008
Local outsourcing firm cuts jobs, posts loss as of end-September
LOCAL BUSINESS process outsourcing (BPO) firm Advanced Contact Solutions, Inc. (ACS) has laid off about 900 workers after losing a major US-based client that had gone bankrupt.
The company has posted a net profit loss as of the third quarter due to declining demand for subcontracted work as a result of an ongoing financial crisis in the US and Europe, its parent told the stock exchange on Friday.
Local parent Paxys, Inc. said its unit had lost P100 million for the nine months ending in September from a year earlier due to slowing demand from US clients. It did not provide profit figures for the third quarter.
"[Profits dropped] due to declining business volumes from the ongoing US subprime financial crisis, as well as lingering customer concerns regarding a major US client that recently emerge from [bankruptcy]," Paxys said in a financial report

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Clover: I'm not feeling well since yesterday!
Rhea: We better keep going or we'll be late...
Clover: Boss keeps on denying my leave!
Rhea: You're so ambitious, girl..
Clover: Maybe one day I'll come in to work in a stretcher!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting ready for KOMIKON

Even though it has been a very busy week for me, I was able to come up with two tarpaulin for the upcoming Komikon 2008 Nov.22 Bahay ng Alumni 10 am-8pm. Below are the distorted stretched drawings for the standard tarpaulin size.

The next stop for these tarpaulins will be events in your call center so watch out for it!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Business Updates

First of all, belated Happy Halloween to all. My past week has been a real challenge. My upper left shoulder has been aching due to the things I do in the office... or maybe by pressure. I can feel God has been stretching me, preparing me for the next level.
Government has been a pain in the ass. After paying Php500 for the BIR business registration, I paid Php9ooo just for the printing of DR, OR and SI. (these are receipts needed). Yeah, the man who printed is also the same guy from BIR. Buwaya talaga ang mga taga gobyerno. I should have asked kung kasama na dun ang "lagay" para sa sarili niya. Then I still have to attend the seminar of BIR on how to file taxes for sole proprietors. In some cases, like my friend - she was asked to buy 3 fire extinguishers from the BIR guy who fixed her business registration papers.
Still a lot of things to accomplish just to get these books selling. Good thing, 2 weeks to go before KOMIKON!!!

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